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The John B. Stetson Company, founded by John B. Stetson in 1865, was the maker of the Stetson cowboy hats but ceased manufacturing in 1970. Stetson hats are now being manufactured in Garland, Texas, by Hatco, Inc., who also produce Resistol and Charlie 1 Horse hats.

Stetson delivery can take up to 20 days even if a fast service is acquired, they have a late response from customer service, and the product received and the online picture doesn't match, according to a customer review at

"Disappointed with the style of hat. The online photos did not reflect the actual. 20 days to receive the cap due to DHL paying a fast service, Customer service was not quick to give me an answer."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It appears Deland is pillaging the law school for the money and leaving little behind. The buildings are moldy and in disrepair. Staff with JDs are treated like hourly employees and get paid less than public defenders and good paralegals. On top of the meager salary, must pay for own insurance and benefits. Hourly employees are treated even worse. Once in the door, you are expected to be grateful for a 1% salary increase each year. Only professors get paid a living wage and appear not to care that the place is in a downward spiral. NO ONE gets promoted except for maybe a very modest upgrade from "asst director" to "associate director." Summer classes are almost non existent, and students are commenting on the lack of resources and declining campus. Upholstery on chairs throughout campus are ripped open. Incompetent people remain in charge of departments in spite of doing nothing all day, every day. This decline has been in place since the current president was hired in Deland, who is thankfully leaving - yet there is no reason to believe someone of equal caliber & mindset would be chosen as her replacement. The law school is being "rebranded" with the undergrad mascot of a cartoon can only assume this is being dictated also from Deland. It is a shame what is taking place. Being a Stetson attorney used to mean something."

Current Employee - Visiting Assistant Professor says

"Bloated and incompetent administration that is not transparent and micro-manages, mission-drift, borderline illiterate and hostile student body, intransigent or sometimes outwardly hostile toward faculty needs, ever expanding job descriptions without corresponding increases in pay."

Current Employee - Marketing Specialist says

"Stetson reminds me of a theatrical performance; it's a polished show on the front (public view), but absolute chaos backstage/behind the curtain (office operations). If you're not a major donor or alumni member, you are viewed as and treated like a second-class employee. If you're not part of the "in" crowd, you will be publicly shunned and excluded. If your supervisor is an alumni (which they likely will be), understand that they will be in that job for life, regardless of how inept and clueless they may be. Stetson is very management-heavy. In some departments, there are managers for only one employee! There is no integrity or accountability at Stetson. Preference/special treatment is afforded to the closest friends of management. If - for whatever reason - you're not lucky enough to get on the "list," you'll be out of there as soon as management can find an alumni applicant to take your place. Stetson is very much a "good ol' boys" network. Think high school clique: same foolish games, only the people are now 20+ years older, with graduate degrees. The culture is crass and there is no employer courtesy or respect. In most areas, there is no room for advancement, promotion, or raise. Original ideas are either immediately squashed, or manipulated to appear as the idea of someone else - usually an alumni or favored employee. Professional development and continuing education is frowned upon. Collaboration and communication with co-workers outside your department is discouraged. It's like working for a jealous girlfriend. You are constantly being watched, monitored, and micro-manged. In the end, this is a very restrictive place to work. If you enjoy being a mindless drone - accepting barked orders from clueless and inept "leaders" - Stetson will be a great fit. Otherwise, enjoy the aesthetic landscaping and architecture, but steer cleer of working for this vindicive and out-of-touch employer."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you have the wrong political entities that don't like you, your life will be made miserable; it's an extremely dysfunctional place, that doesn't like to talk about elephants under rugs, with people who conveniently forget what they say."

Former Employee - Student Employee says

"The cost of something shiny on your resume comes with the fact that Stetson over-utilizes their student employees for cheap labor. I wish this wasn't the case but there's no way around it. I worked significantly more hours than the 20 per week I was supposed to be working,"

Former Employee - Athletics says

"Pay (don't believe in raises), hours, coworkers, management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No career development, favoritism runs rampant at the law school. Low pay, negative behaviors from upper management. Employees are disgruntled - they do not hire if people quit - will expect you to do more work for no pay."

Former Employee - Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations says

"Not enough staffing, lose good staffing quickly because they are over worked and under compensated. Quality of life is not a positive for anyone not an upper administrator."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Area is rural. Not much going on except for what the university puts on. Sometimes the university is behind on policies, procedures, and technology by a few years and is playing catch up."

Former Employee - Web Developer says

"Supervisors and administration are completely fake, political correctness is more important than real work to them"

Direct Support Professional / Childcare Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The students are incredible & there's nothing more rewarding than developing a supportive & professional relationship with these students & seeing them grow. Unfortunately, the institution is terribly mismanaged & apparently by choice as management doesn't much change, although all other staff experience ridiculously high turnover and crippling understaffing. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no agency support & the administration's inability to adequately hire floor staff makes direct care bound for disaster. I think that if the company actually stood for all the pretty little lies listed on its webpages and seven hills was actually affiliated and most important the stetson school wasn't run by an inbred administration or just by people invested in the future of these kids then this would feel like a meaningful place to work. But it's not & unfortunately, it often doesn't - if you do want to work here bare in mind that you will be working with these kids entirely on your own, at best your relationship with them will provide you with some sense of safety & security day to day. This on top of minimum hourly wages, no salary/health insurance/benefits & 80+ hour workweeks that will undoubtedly go week after week without any sign of gratitude from any supervisors or directors... if you also happen to have a graduate degree & the consequent student loans it just might not end up being worth it tbh. TRUST, it gets better than this."

Senior child care specialist (Former Employee) says

"I don't recommend working there so start off there's a lot of racism I started working there I came from Puerto Rico and I was hired a senior child care specialist I had to learn everything on my own I sat for about 8 to 10 hours on the week that I was shadowing on a unit with other staff ignoring me not speaking choosing not to show me how to do what I needed to do management is very poor very disorganized they also have the staff code of silence meaning that they got each other's backs they like to sleep a lot of things under the rug front half management and supervisors are terrible one of the supervisors in front half is dating one of my ex housemates that came from Puerto Rico same-sex very unprofessional people are coming in from Puerto Rico don't know how to do their jobs right and I'm talking about front half they come in on days that they're not supposed to come in check up on kids that are in Care on their days off there's a lot of gossip there's also clique's HR is the worst when I did a transfer they decided to tell the kids on the unit as well as tell everyone of my other coworkers they horse play with the kids and the steps room a lot of the supervisors need to be retrained and positive approach as well as TCI they are harsh with the kids terrible place to work. Front half supervisor and the cutting building that's a male 3 to 11 a relationship with another staff hanging out with other staff on days off taking them shopping on trips for Thanksgiving they went to Puerto Rico very unprofessional an extremely crossing boundaries hanging out at the house staff houseGreat kidsHorrible staff"

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"They have the most useless people on administrative positions with pre historic policies. They are always out of ratio and threatening everyone with 51 A's when they do not give you the tools or necessary training to deal with the kids. Kids are aggressive and severely traumatized. You'll end up needing emotional support. Not worth it at all."

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Stetson has a mission statement that is not followed in the slightest. Management is a complete joke. Seven Hills chooses to pretend Stetson doesn't exist. The employees are in danger everyday, unsupported at all levels and underpaid.Coworkers are dedicated and awesome at what they do!Management is completely inept"

Direct Care Staff (Former Employee) says

"Management runs the campus like a circus, with no ring leader. The students are not taught that there are boundaries, repercussions, respect for themselves or for those around them. The students destroy campus furniture, windows, tv's and more. The company just buys more. The student just goes on like he hasn't a care in the world. Staff has been hurt on campus for lack of backup. Do they step in and tell Workman's Comp, "Just pay the claim. He/she is an honest reliable worker and doesn't deserve to be hassled." Nope! Although Stetson is paying the premiums, they're letting insurance dictate. There are Union facilities out there. Go with one of them. "Unions are a sign of poor management!" If ever a place needed a Union, Stetson does.3 weeks vacation (you'll need it)Backstabbing, no back-up in troubled situations, money's not good, health insurance expensive, management lacks common sense, no set program with set boundaries and repercussions, it's a never ending list"

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"They're very disorganize with the schedule and with their employees. Also, the environment is not good, because the administration targeting the employees, and they retaliate the people they don't like."

Sr CCW (Former Employee) says

"No support, never enough staff to deal with issues, minimal accountability for high risk behaviors. Some really good staff & some staff shouldn't be working there because they are easily manipulated or afraid of the kids and end up not being a very good support for others that are working the unit."

Child Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Worst experience ever. No professionalism, racism, retaliation,etc. is like working at a jail without a gun and eating just to get out without an injury every day."

SCCS (Current Employee) says

"unsafe conditions and no support when needed. you do the best you can and they still ask more of you and when you're not able to meet the burden of demands they discipline you."

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work would be ariive at 2pm make sure the students remained in their room and had it cleaned by 2 30. I would then organize a house meeting with the students had an open forum to discuss their days and what they may specifically need that day. I learned to have more patience with others, and that you cant really judge anyone until you know the full details of their story. Management was very sub par with people constantly leaving the was always change in the management department, and with very little communication you would get multiple conflicting orders as to what the best way to do a certain task was. The culture was fair, but due to the lack of compensation for such a high responsibility job many people did not feel motovated to do the real heavy work, and many coming in dont intend to stay and view it as more of a bridge job.Hardest part is dealing with some many personalities of troubled kids, whie maintaining your composure in such a high stress environment. The ost enjoyable part would be when you actually help a person get through what they are struggling with."

Child Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This is an alright place to work if you're fine with working 20 hr. days at least twice a month; this includes overnights. Staffing is low, half the kids brought into Stetson should be locked up in a detention center, and certain supervisors are impossible to deal with. The pay is decent, the work is 90% laid back, and the benefits are nice.Pay, Benefits, Vacation / Sick / Personal TimeViolent Children ranging in ages 11 - 22 years old, difficult supervisors and administrators"

Unit Secretary (Former Employee) says

"Maintaining the most complete and excellent client records containing confidential and protected information. Managing all professional office needs including requisition of office supplies and materials. Operation of standard office equipment, data entry, appointment calendar, meeting minutes, information management, composition of and distribution of all correspondences, informational pamphlets and packets.good benefitsbreaks reluctantly and grudgingly given. difficult to schedule vacations"

Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"Stetson is an explosive environment that struggles to keep itself in check. Many of the staff/student issues are the direct result of poor and rare supervision and management on a day to day basis. Luckily those who are present to aid and work with the clientele are focused and hard working, allowing for a progressive student environment.Hard working and focused individual workersLow pay grade, Poor management and supervision"

Floor Staff Member (Former Employee) says

"Always understaffed (leading to high turnover, leading to even less staffing; a vicious cycle.) due to poor pay and poor management. Supervisors hang out in their offices until a crisis occurs with one of the clients. The staff are amazingly patient with these very challenged and challenging clients. I was hurt at work. HR never stood up for me to get services from Worker's Comp insurance.Free dinner"

Floor Staff Member (Current Employee) says

"Always understaffed (leading to high turnover, leading to even less staffing; a vicious cycle.) due to poor pay and poor management. Supervisors hang out in their offices until a crisis occurs with one of the clients. The staff are amazingly patient with these very challenged and challenging clients. I was hurt at work. HR NEVER stood up for me to get services from Worker's Comp insurance. I had to hire an attorney and fight for a YEAR to get care.Free dinner"

Behavior Therapist/Counselor (Current Employee) says

"Productive but employees easily burnout but overall good starting point that can probably springboard your career if you intend to work in the mental health or developmental disabilities sector."

Child Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It's hard to move up for a promotion, long days, mandates. The higher ups don't have your back. The job itself was rewarding at the end of the day, but there was a chance for hands on with the students."

Senior Child Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The work you do is extremely rewarding, especially if you have a good group of kids. As with any place in this field, you'll have kids that make you want to keep coming into work and others who will make you debate quitting. Stetson is a very cliquey place, and there's a lot of "do as I say, not what I do." There are floor staff who are not managers, but get to walk around with the sups and basically function as supervisors, purely because the other sups like them. This often leaves the unit which the floor staff was supposed to be working on out of ratio. There are some supervisors who are great at their job and can be relied upon for support while there are others who will leave you high and dry as you radio for help. I have chased/followed a student off campus and down the road while radioing for help, but did not receive any help until another staff from a different unit witnessed what was happening and intervened until a supervisor finally showed up. There have also been instances where a supervisor straight up refuses to help. There is also a lot of contradiction among supervisors and residential directors. One supervisor will tell you one thing regarding what students can and can't do, and then another one will tell you something else. There are also times where one of the supervisors or residential directors will override a consequence you gave a student -- not because it was too harsh, but because they like that kid, or because they want to increase their rapport with that kid. Stetson School does a lot of recruiting from Puerto Rico, and thus a lot of the"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Interesting place to work and learned a lot, when it comes to working with children with problems, its organization can further improve more, but it was a good place to work."

Child Care Specialist (Current Employee) says

"A typical day is picking the students up from school, running groups, clinical, taking them food shopping, ensuring everyone's safety. I've learned how to have patience and to think outside the box. My co-workers are amazing and I hope that my next place of employment has co-workers that feel like family. The hardest part of the job is the hours, I'm a single mother who enjoys working, but i'm missing out on my sons life because of the mandatory shifts. I enjoy working with the students and learning from them." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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